Romance Scams – They Love To Take Your Money

Romance Scams are an evil method used by online fraudsters. They abuse romantic feelings to snatch money from unsuspecting victims. It is common to meet romantic partners online all the time; it’s a part of our modern way of life. Scammers misuse this by posing as attractive potential partners online. Once a relationship has been started, they convince the victim to hand over cash or other assets. For example, these fake personals can ask victims for money to buy clothes for their hungry child. Eventually, the scammer vanishes without a trace, leaving their so-called lovers behind, ruined both emotionally and financially.

Romance Scams Are Very Dangerous

Scammers tend to monetize their fake relationships as phony travel expenses. They claim to live in a low economic country, far away from where the victim lives. Then they pretend they want to visit the victim. But guess what? They don’t have the amount needed to travel. The victim quickly grants the scammer the correct amount for a flight or other travel expenses, as their alleged partner never appears.

Hold Your Horses Regarding Online Romances

No one should fall victim to a romance scam. Global Refund Group presents a few tips to consider:

  1. Watch out for accelerated online relationships. If someone is trying to initiate a romantic relationship with you before actually getting to know you well enough – it could end up with a scam.
  2. Asking for money is a significant warning. Most fledgling romances are not focused on asking for money.
  3. If they refuse to video chat or even talk on the phone, this individual is likely trying to avoid exposure. Try searching for their online presence. You could also reverse image searching the person profile picture to find out if it’s authentic.