Trading Scams – Small Introduction

Fraudsters are quick to trap online investors in what’s called Forex Trading Scams. These fraudsters can smell novice investors from miles away, just because these investors are susceptible to deception from lack of knowledge. Those who seek to make fast money online aren’t likely to do the proper research before investing. Scammers feed on this fact, promising riskless high returns on false investments. Still, there are many legitimate ways to trade online. But you have to remain observant to detect scams. Global Refund Group has created a list of the most common trading scams to educate traders on all levels:

Keep an Eye Open For Forex Trading Scams

A lot of people make profits by legitimately trading on the Forex market. But what does it mean? Well, Forex trading means exchanging of different currencies. Investors hope to make a profit from the fluctuations in the relative values of various international currencies. On the dark side of the map, scammers try to convince amateur traders that they can make a fortune from forex trading. They tend to give investors bound to lose tips and then allow them to invest at leverage. It essentially permits people to invest more money than they really have. That means – even a small change can wipe these traders out.

Binary Options Trading Scams Are Old News

By now, most people know that Binary options are illegal in many countries, but online scammers are specialists at avoiding the law. Using binary options is similar to betting on which way a specific price of an asset will go. You pick a stock deciding if it’ll go up or down, and if you’re right – you win. Unfortunately, many binary options brokers online are pure con artists. These scammers steal your money with no chance of a real payout. Traders should really watch their steps.

CFDs May Lead to Extensive Losses

Contracts for differences are another risky asset. You agree to pay the difference in the value of an asset from today till the future date. So just like in Binary Options – If the price goes up, you have to pay, and if it goes down, you get paid. Scammers offer high leverages to rookie traders who don’t follow the investment. CFDs are a complicated investment that isn’t suitable for beginners. Use common sense, and avoid the quick-fortune promises of online fraudsters.